Monday, 15 August 2011

Welcome to iKube's New Website

Hi and welcome to the iKube young drivers insurance blog. For those of you who've not been here before - hiya! Nice to meet you and we hope you hang around to find out more! For those of you who have - nice to see you back and welcome to the "new look" iKube!

iKube have been providing discounted car insurance for young drivers and learner driver insurance since 2006.

We are able to offer cheap car insurance to 17 - 25 year olds due to our innovative iKube box - that tracks when your car is being driven. As long as your car isn't driven between 11pm and 5am (known as the iKube red hours) we are able to discount your car insurance premium by up to 25% in the first year. If you do happen to drive your car between 11pm - 5am, don't worry, we won't increase your premium but you will incur a £100 nightly charge - simply an incentive to stay off the road during a time where, statistically, you are at more risk of having a serious accident.