Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Olympic Hopefuls Promote Eco-Safe Driving

iKube young drivers insurance has been a keen follower of eco-safe driving since a number of car manufacturers, including Vauxhall have introduced eco-friendly cars to help reduce emissions and cut down on fuel consumption.

Following from this, an interesting piece in the press today on how young drivers can save fuel by using a better driving method had iKube staff reading the article with interest. The piece highlights the "huge difference" that good driving techniques can have on the amount of fuel consumed by the vehicle.

What was interesting about this test was the fact that all three drivers that took part took drove the same distance, along exactly the same route.

Two Olympic hopefuls - Jessica Ennis and Stef Reid drove the route, along with a motoring specialist to compare fuel consumption. The test showed that Reid used 25% more fuel than the expert in spite of the fact that she drove six minutes slower than the motoring specialist.

Ms Ennis' drive revealed that, based on the short drive, over a year she would spend over £1,100 more fuel than the specialist as well as emit a whopping two tonnes of CO2 in addition to that of the specialist.

So - interesting news for young drivers as it highlights - not only the importance of eco-safe driving to help reduce the carbon footprint, but also the sheer amount of money you could save by adopting best practices. Money that could be better spent on an iPod or some new speakers for your car or, dare we say it, young drivers insurance!

To find out more on how you can adopt eco-safe driving take a read of iKube's Eco-Safe Driving Tips For Young Drivers and see how you could save yourself some money as well as help look after our planet.