Monday, 31 October 2011

iKube Black Box Insurance Encourages Safe Driving

It's an unfortunate fact of life that young drivers are more likely to be in a car accident and have potentially more expensive young drivers insurance claims than that of an older, more experienced driver.

The reasons are fairly obvious when you look at why this might be:

Inexperience behind the wheel

If you're a young driver, between the ages of 17 - 25, the likelihood is you haven't been driving for very long... or maybe you've just passed your test?

It's simply a case of building up that experience on the road - get out there and practice, practice, practice! The more experience you have and, as long as you drive conscientiously and with regard for others, then there is no reason why you should be involved in an accident... in theory at least.

Distractions whilst driving

Being a young person in the modern age is tough - there are so many distractions. Whether it's the fit girl in the little dress walking down the street on a hot summer's day or your mates shouting at you to change the track on the iPod. All of these things can cause an accident - which is why it's important to always keep your eyes on the road whilst driving.

Risk Takers

Aside from distractions and inexperience, 17 – 25 year olds tend to take more risks whilst driving, which is why they tend to see relatively high young drivers insurance premiums. However, considering a black box insurance policy could be the perfect solution to this problem.

Did you know that iKube can offer you up to 25% discount when you take out a black box insurance policy? In addition to this, taking out a black box insurance policy encourages you to be a better driver as iKube can offer you up to 40% discount on your car insurance when it comes around to renewing your policy.

The black box can measure a variety of factors such as speed, mileage, hard braking and harsh acceleration, amongst other things. So, as long as you drive sensibly and with care you could get a hefty discount at renewal.

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Thursday, 27 October 2011

Nights Are Drawing In Sooner - Stay Safe Whilst Driving

With evenings drawing in earlier with the approaching winter months, as a young driver it's important to stay safe whilst on the road.

Apart from keeping your young drivers insurance claims to a minimum, careful driving at night is imperative to keep yourself and others safe whilst on the road.

iKube young drivers insurance has always been based around the time of day you drive. We recognised early on that between the hours of 11pm - 5am were statistically the most dangerous times of the evening to drive, hence why our black box insurance is designed to alert us when you drive late at night.

However, iKube also recognise the fact that, even before 11pm at night, in the winter months it gets dark far earlier and you will be out on the road.

What Can You Do To Stay Safe Whilst Driving?

  1. Drive at a safe speed - by not exceeding the stated road limit.
  2. Try to stick to well-lit roads if possible. If you must use darker roads then simply reduce your speed.
  3. Give your car a wash - keeping your windscreen and lights clean will make you more visible on the road.
  4. Since response times at night tends to be slower it's worth increasing the distance between your car and the one in front (for example, if you're on a busy dual carriageway).
  5. Oncoming traffic can dazzle you if their headlights are set to full-beam. If this is the case then consider using the edge of the road as a guide.
  6. If you're looking at making longer journeys then consider stopping for short breaks - i.e. at service stations for a quick cup of coffee and some fresh air.
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Mobile Solutions For Driving – Are They So Great?

For many young drivers it is common sense to put the mobile phone away whilst driving - especially since talking or texting is one of the most dangerous things you can do when on the road, potentially risking their lives and the lives of others (as well as their black box insurance no claims bonus).

Using a mobile phone whilst on the road is simply illegal and did you know that, if you’re caught, you could get substantial fines, penalty points to your licence or even have it revoked if you’re a repeat offender. In addition to this you are seen as a risk and therefore you could see a hike in your young drivers insurance.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Sometimes it's simply better to switch your phone off or set it to silent and stick it in the glove-box rather than having it within arm’s reach whilst you're driving.



The most common solution that people come up with, however, is a hands-free option, however, research by the Transport Research Laboratory actually suggests that a driver's reactions, whilst on the phone, hands-free or otherwise, are up to 30% slower than those slightly over the legal alcohol limit. Shocking isn't it?

Mobile Phone Apps

With the increasing popularity of smartphones and mobile apps, the likes of "" have released an application for drivers who feel the need to have their phone demanding their attention at all times.

The app reads SMS messages and emails aloud in real time and will automatically respond without the driver having to touch the phone.

What's The Solution?

Whilst hands-free may be ever so slightly better than holding a phone to your ear whilst driving and the likes of eliminates the need for texting whilst driving it doesn't really address the problem effectively...

In the end it is up to the young driver’s common sense and the law – remember it’s illegal to be on the phone – calling, texting, or otherwise whilst driving.

Is it really worth risking your life, other people’s lives, licence points and hikes in your black box insurance or provisional insurance if you’re still learning to drive?

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Driving - A Constant Learning Curve

Unfortunately young drivers tend to be the hardest hit when it comes to young drivers' car insurance premiums. The main reason behind this is the high risk associated with new, inexperienced drivers, especially those between 17 – 25 years of age.

So, as a young driver, what can you do to help reduce the cost of your young drivers insurance premium? Good question... and the only real answer is EXPERIENCE (and possibly a black box insurance policy).

The more experience you have on the road, the better you'll become, in theory. But iKube know it's not as simple or as straight-forward as that and so does the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM), who have recently issued a statement saying that young drivers should continue to train even after they pass their driving test.

A spokesperson for IAM has said that the group are committed to encourage and develop young drivers, "and to continue to learn and develop throughout their driving careers."

So - yes, training behind the wheel of the car will help to improve a young driver's skill level, however, that doesn't mean they will necessarily see an improvement in the cost of young drivers insurance... why?

What it essentially comes down to is that most car insurance firms don't necessarily recognise or take IAM courses into consideration when calculating the price of your car insurance. Most firms will still base their insurance discounts on whether or not the driver has obtained a PASS PLUS.

Having said that IAM do teach a variety of excellent courses and they are dedicated to helping you to improve as a driver and, in time, you will find that as your driving improves your car insurance premium should improve as well. In fact, if you take out an iKube black box insurance policy and your driving improves as a direct result of IAM then you argue that it does work… in a round-a-bout kind of way – especially since iKube can reward higher black box car insurance discounts at renewal, based on good driving habits.

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Thursday, 20 October 2011

Winter Highlights The Need For More Protection On The Road

With winter drawing in, the weather growing colder and the increasing likelihood of ice and snow it's becoming more and more important to stay safe as a young driver on the roads, which is why black box car insurance for young drivers is so important.

However, recent research by Manheim Auctions undertook a study that suggested that 95.5% of motorists are not planning on buying winter tyres to help maintain their grip on icy roads.

Whilst black box insurance can cover you and breakdown cover will undoubtedly provide you with road-side assistance, should you need it, they won't prevent an accident on the road.

The cost associated with winter or "cold weather" tyres can be daunting for many young drivers looking to keep motoring costs low, however, have you considered the cost implications should you have an accident? They could be a lot higher if you end up in a ditch at the side of the road.

Yes young drivers insurance and breakdown cover is adequate protection whilst you're out and about but it is worth considering adding cold weather tyres, especially if you want to protect yourself, your passengers and your no claims bonus!

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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Black Box Insurance - The New Kid On The Block

As a young driver you hear the words "black box" or "black box insurance" and you think... interesting? Scary? Cool...

Well, believe it or not, black box insurance is becoming more and more common-place amongst the young driving community as it is helping to reduce the cost of car insurance for young drivers taking to the road for the first time.

What do you associate black boxes with?

It's a good question if you think about it - did you know, for example, that black boxes were originally (and still are) used in aircraft to record information about the flight? This is to record any instructions sent to any electronic system in the plane. They tend to get used for accident investigations, analysing safety issues in the air and engine performance, amongst other things.

A black box installed in a car essentially acts in a very similar manner, however, the main focus of a car's black box is to monitor mileage, speed, times the car is being driven and a number of other elements... all geared at keeping you, the driver safe and saving you money in the process.

So - are black boxes cool? Yes, of course -  if they keep the cost of your young drivers insurance low, your parents happy and you safe then the argument for black box insurance far outweighs any negatives.

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Monday, 17 October 2011

Young Drivers Turn To Black Box Insurance

Young drivers are increasingly turning to black boxes in an effort to keep the cost of car insurance low.

Black box insurance is increasingly becoming more popular amongst young drivers, in spite of the criticisms aimed at telematics insurance cover. The main criticism levelled at black box insurance is the worry that young drivers will effectively be giving up a certain amount of their personal privacy.

However, whilst iKube can measure a number of different factors, it is important to note that the primary reason for the black box is to measure the time of day the car is being driven. You should note that if you drive between the hours of 11pm - 5am (the red hours) you are more at risk of being in an accident - which is why you will incur a £100 penalty. Think of it simply as an incentive to stay off the road late at night.

The Black Box data is also used when it comes to renewing your car insurance policy with iKube. Did you know that iKube can actually decrease the cost of your young drivers or learner drivers insurance depending on how carefully and conscientiously you've driven?*

Well, to get a discount on the cost of your black box insurance low when the time comes to renew, you should consider doing the following:

  1. Adhering to the speed limit of the road.
  2. Avoid harsh acceleration
  3. Avoid hard braking where possible
  4. Give yourself plenty of space when in traffic
  5. Avoid driving late at night from 11pm - 5am

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* Data may be used for the prevention and detection of crime and at insurer requests.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

What Makes iKube Learner Driver Insurance Different?

If you’re learning to drive and looking to buy learner driver insurance for your car it can be difficult to find affordable cover, especially if you’re 17 – 25.

Whilst there are a lot of insurers who will offer affordable provisional insurance cover did you know that many of them will either actually increase your premium or cancel the policy altogether, once you pass your test?

Well this is what makes iKube different… iKube won’t increase your car insurance premium once you pass your test and certainly WON’T cancel it!

So how are iKube able to do this?

Good question. iKube offers a special form of black box insurance that tracks the time of day you drive your car. The iKube learner driver insurance policy requests that you refrain from driving your car between 11pm at night until 5am in the morning (the red hours), as this is the time that, as a young driver, you are at more risk of being involved in a serious accident, according to the Association of British Insurers (ABI). As long as you can stick to this one simple rule iKube can offer a reduced rate on your learner driver insurance.

When you pass your test iKube won’t increase your insurance premium – iKube bases your car insurance premium on you, not people like you.

In addition, when it comes to renewal, as long as you’ve been a safe, conscientious driver, we can also offer up to 40% discount – pretty neat really.

To find out more – take a look at iKube’s learner driver insurance section or give us a call and find out more.