Thursday, 27 October 2011

Mobile Solutions For Driving – Are They So Great?

For many young drivers it is common sense to put the mobile phone away whilst driving - especially since talking or texting is one of the most dangerous things you can do when on the road, potentially risking their lives and the lives of others (as well as their black box insurance no claims bonus).

Using a mobile phone whilst on the road is simply illegal and did you know that, if you’re caught, you could get substantial fines, penalty points to your licence or even have it revoked if you’re a repeat offender. In addition to this you are seen as a risk and therefore you could see a hike in your young drivers insurance.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Sometimes it's simply better to switch your phone off or set it to silent and stick it in the glove-box rather than having it within arm’s reach whilst you're driving.



The most common solution that people come up with, however, is a hands-free option, however, research by the Transport Research Laboratory actually suggests that a driver's reactions, whilst on the phone, hands-free or otherwise, are up to 30% slower than those slightly over the legal alcohol limit. Shocking isn't it?

Mobile Phone Apps

With the increasing popularity of smartphones and mobile apps, the likes of "" have released an application for drivers who feel the need to have their phone demanding their attention at all times.

The app reads SMS messages and emails aloud in real time and will automatically respond without the driver having to touch the phone.

What's The Solution?

Whilst hands-free may be ever so slightly better than holding a phone to your ear whilst driving and the likes of eliminates the need for texting whilst driving it doesn't really address the problem effectively...

In the end it is up to the young driver’s common sense and the law – remember it’s illegal to be on the phone – calling, texting, or otherwise whilst driving.

Is it really worth risking your life, other people’s lives, licence points and hikes in your black box insurance or provisional insurance if you’re still learning to drive?

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