Tuesday, 4 October 2011

What Makes iKube Learner Driver Insurance Different?

If you’re learning to drive and looking to buy learner driver insurance for your car it can be difficult to find affordable cover, especially if you’re 17 – 25.

Whilst there are a lot of insurers who will offer affordable provisional insurance cover did you know that many of them will either actually increase your premium or cancel the policy altogether, once you pass your test?

Well this is what makes iKube different… iKube won’t increase your car insurance premium once you pass your test and certainly WON’T cancel it!

So how are iKube able to do this?

Good question. iKube offers a special form of black box insurance that tracks the time of day you drive your car. The iKube learner driver insurance policy requests that you refrain from driving your car between 11pm at night until 5am in the morning (the red hours), as this is the time that, as a young driver, you are at more risk of being involved in a serious accident, according to the Association of British Insurers (ABI). As long as you can stick to this one simple rule iKube can offer a reduced rate on your learner driver insurance.

When you pass your test iKube won’t increase your insurance premium – iKube bases your car insurance premium on you, not people like you.

In addition, when it comes to renewal, as long as you’ve been a safe, conscientious driver, we can also offer up to 40% discount – pretty neat really.

To find out more – take a look at iKube’s learner driver insurance section or give us a call and find out more.