Thursday, 20 October 2011

Winter Highlights The Need For More Protection On The Road

With winter drawing in, the weather growing colder and the increasing likelihood of ice and snow it's becoming more and more important to stay safe as a young driver on the roads, which is why black box car insurance for young drivers is so important.

However, recent research by Manheim Auctions undertook a study that suggested that 95.5% of motorists are not planning on buying winter tyres to help maintain their grip on icy roads.

Whilst black box insurance can cover you and breakdown cover will undoubtedly provide you with road-side assistance, should you need it, they won't prevent an accident on the road.

The cost associated with winter or "cold weather" tyres can be daunting for many young drivers looking to keep motoring costs low, however, have you considered the cost implications should you have an accident? They could be a lot higher if you end up in a ditch at the side of the road.

Yes young drivers insurance and breakdown cover is adequate protection whilst you're out and about but it is worth considering adding cold weather tyres, especially if you want to protect yourself, your passengers and your no claims bonus!

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