Thursday, 3 November 2011

It's Tough Being A Learner Driver

Driving can be hard work but learning to drive - now that's tough.

Whilst having your own learner driver insurance and car to practice in can help to increase your confidence on the road before you go for your test, there is no denying that no matter how much you practice it is hard work and it just seems to be getting harder.

Did you know that there has been a drop of 19% in people taking driving tests since 2005? Do you know why - let's hazard a few guesses, helped out slightly by the BBC:*

  1. The cost of driving lessons has gone up. Did you know that, on average, the price of lessons sit at a whopping £24 per hour? That is a 14% increase on 2005.
  2. The cost of sitting a theory driving test is now £31 - a staggering increase of 48% based on 2005 figures.
  3. The cost of sitting a practical driving test is now £62 - an increase of 36% on 2005.

These figures don't even begin to take into account the car's running costs:

  1. Car tax for 12 months is on its way up. Did you know that, to run a Volkswagon Polo 1.4L it costs £130 per year? This is up by 24% on 2005 figures.
  2. The cost of petrol. This is probably one of the biggest bug bears out there. Did you know that it costs a whopping £1.36 per litre? This is up by a staggering 56% in 2005 - back when the cost of fuel was roughly £0.70 per litre. That means, to fill a small engine car such as a Ford Ka, it will cost you around £50 - £60 a time, compared to the £20 - £30 small car drivers were paying back in 2005!

This isn’t even taking into account the cost of car insurance for learner drivers – which can be high when you don’t find the right insurer.

Fortunately iKube can offer competitive cover for learner drivers through its specialist black box insurance policy. To find out more drop iKube a call or request a call back and someone will get back to you.