Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Provisional Insurance - How Can A Black Box Help Learners?

Learning to drive can be difficult, unfortunately finding affordable provisional insurance can also be pretty tricky.

If you're learning to drive you will naturally be looking at cutting motoring costs, especially since the running costs appear to be constantly growing.

Car insurance is yet another cost faced by young people looking to get on the road and, when going through a traditional car insurance firm or broker this can prove pretty expensive. This is why so many learner drivers are turning to high-tech, black box insurance cover - such as iKube since this tends to be cheapest option for many.

Not only could black box insurance saves the learner driver a substantial amount of money but it could also turn them into a safer, more conscientious driver when taking to the road.

iKube’s black box provisional insurance utilises a GPS or “telematics” device that is installed under the vehicle’s dashboard to collect data about the car whilst driving. iKube simply offer up to 25% discount on provisional insurance at the start – based on the assumption that you won’t drive between 11pm – 5am (the riskiest time of night to drive for young drivers, according to statistics).

However, the iKube black box measures more than just the time of day you drive. It also checks other elements, such as speed, harshness of braking, how fast the motorist takes corners, etc.

This information can actually be accessed by the learner driver or full licensed young driver on their iKube account so that they can see their driving style and, if necessary, alter it to improve their technique and manner on the road.

iKube simply uses this information at renewal so, whether it’s provisional insurance or the full licence product, you could get up to 40% discount on renewal – as long as you’ve driven well.