Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Could A Telematics Black Box Device Reduce Speeding Offences?

It's an interesting question isn't it? Could a black box device stop young drivers from speeding and unsafe driving in general?

There does appear to be a trend at the moment for a lot of telematics car insurance companies to promote their black box insurance cover as a means to stop unsafe driving... and with good reason.

The black box that's installed under the dashboard of the car is setup to record data so that when the motorist engages in unsafe driving behaviour, such as speeding, braking too quickly and harsh acceleration the data is recorded on the device.

This data is used by telematics car insurance firms, such as iKube, to ascertain the risk of providing car insurance to the individual. Whilst iKube won't just automatically increase the premium based on this, like some providers, iKube may choose to increase the premium when the driver comes to renew their policy.

However, if the driver is thought to be safe and careful, as determined by the data provided, then they could be due substantial discounts at renewal (up to 40% in some cases).

By being aware that the black box unit is keeping a log of driving data a young driver is more inclined to drive safely, especially if they want further insurance discounts at renewal.

It's also important to note that when a young driver takes out a black box insurance policy with the likes of iKube they are able to monitor and review their driving online. A lot of the time many motorists simply aren't aware that they are driving unsafely, however, by checking their driving online they can review their style of driving and improve it if necessary.