Thursday, 1 December 2011

Driver Error Behind Young Driver Accidents

Did you know that young drivers insurance tends to be more expensive as a result of young motorists taking greater risks than those with more driving experience? Elementary stuff eh?

A joint study was undertaken by US based State Farm Insurance and the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia into road accidents involving young drivers.*

What was interesting about the study was the fact that the majority of accidents (42% in fact) were caused by driver error (distractions and lack of scanning ahead) - rather than risky behaviour whilst driving.

The Most Common Young Driver Errors:
  1. 21% of the road accidents happened due to distractions whilst at the wheel - by something inside or outside the vehicle.
  2. 21% of the road accidents happened due to lack of scanning to detect and respond to hazards.
  3. 21% of the road accidents happened due to going too fast for the road conditions, i.e. driving too fast to respond to other road users, or to successfully navigate a bend in the road.
By driving at the appropriate speed for road conditions, i.e. when taking corners and by scanning ahead and judging the road, rather than just what's in front of the car's nose, could help to reduce driving accidents.

Where possible, young drivers and those learning to drive are encouraged to gain as much experience behind the wheel as possible – whether that’s with a parent or qualified driving instructor to help reduce the risk of accidents whilst on the road.

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