Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Fronting – A Risk Not Worth Taking

When looking for car insurance, whether it's the young driver or their parent, it can be difficult finding a young drivers’ insurance policy that is both affordable and comprehensive.

Unfortunately this leads to many parents putting themselves down as the main driver of the car, however, it is primarily driven by the young driver, as a way of reducing car insurance costs.

Whilst this might seem like a good idea at the time - in car insurance terms this is known as "fronting". A fraudulent, illegal activity and one your parent could be prosecuted for, leaving you, the driver without cover.

In many cases when a road accident occurs the car insurance firm will determine that the cover applied for was intended for the young driver and not the parent. As a result the accident claim will be denied.

The risks associated with lying on your young driver insurance application form are simply too high. Instead of going down this route it's worth looking to telematics car insurance schemes, such as iKube to help keep the cost of your young driver insurance low. Don't be tempted by lying on your insurance application - it's just not worth it.