Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Top Five Benefits Of iKube’s Telematics Car Insurance

iKube's telematics car insurance, otherwise known as black box insurance, has a number of advantages over a standard car insurance policy, such as:

1. Keeping young drivers off the road late at night. Am I sounding like your Dad? Wait! Did you know that, statistically, young drivers are more likely to have a fatal road accident between 11pm and 5am?

By keeping your drivers off the road at this time can help to significantly reduce that risk and, as a result, young drivers benefit from lower cost car insurance.

2. Those iKube insurance policy holders who build-up a history of data to prove they are good drivers could be entitled to a significant discount - up to 40% in some cases, when it comes to renewing their young driver insurance policy.

3. The iKube black box can effectively track car movement so - if the car is stolen, iKube could actually help to recover your vehicle. Pretty cool.

4. Access to an online portal so that you can check your driving style and even work-out when you are driving at your safest and most economical. This is especially important if you are looking to reduce fuel consumption - and costs as a consequence.

5. The iKube black box could help you with a car insurance claim - protecting you from the cost associated with dishonest claimants.

Since the data is actually collected and stored it can give the insurance firm  more information to investigate the claim further.

As you can see – iKube telematics car insurance for young drivers goes so much further than a standard young drivers insurance policy normally would.