Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Young Driver Insurance - A Legal Responsibility

Young Drivers Car Insurance -
A Legal Responsibility
As you're no doubt aware - car insurance is a legal requirement for any driver before taking to the road. Apart from the fact that it's legally required it would be pretty silly to drive without some form of cover in place.

However, as a young driver it can be expensive to get out on the road, especially with the growing cost of traditional young driver insurance. Unfortunately, as a result, many people are still driving uninsured.

It can be all too easy to get behind the wheel and, whilst you may be paying attention to your own driving, you may not be paying enough to other road-users... resulting in accidents, such as a rear-ending. Rear-ending is basically going into the back of another car.

Without some form of young drivers insurance this could be a costly mistake - possibly resulting in the loss of your driving licence that you worked so hard to get. In addition this could mean that the poor person you crashed into has to fork out for car repairs as you have no car insurance to help meet the cost of the claim... is that really fair?

By buying the likes of telematics car insurance or "black box insurance" you could help yourself as the price you would normally pay is discounted (by up to 25%) if you agree to have iKube's black box installed.

iKube's black box essentially monitors your driving to ensure that you're not driving late at night (between 11pm - 5am) and, as long as you can agree to this, then you won't be charged any penalties for driving after 11pm at night.*

You could even drive your car insurance costs down further at renewal by driving with care and consideration... with discounts of up to 40% at renewal.

*Subject to iKube terms and conditions