Thursday, 26 January 2012

Don’t Get Behind The Wheel Whilst On Drugs

Following the recent news that the Department for Transport are putting together a panel of experts to look into a new drug driving law*, iKube young drivers insurance has decided to put together a few articles to look at the dangers of driving whilst on drugs.

Whilst a lot of emphasis is put on drink driving it’s still very important to recognise the risks posed by taking illicit drugs prior before getting behind the wheel – or even whilst driving.

In much the same way as drinking – drugs can also have a number of effects that could lead to catastrophic consequences:**
  • Reduce the motorist’s reaction times
  • Lead to an increase in erratic or aggressive behaviour
  • Make it difficult to concentrate whilst at the wheel
  • Cause hallucinations
  • Lead to panic attacks
  • Feelings of sickness
  • Paranoia
It is highly illegal to get behind the wheel in this condition and should be completely avoided – for the car, for the passengers and for the driver.

The consequences of driving whilst on drugs could be, at worst, a serious accident leading to injuries or even loss of life. Even if the young driver walked away from the accident unscathed the emotional trauma knowing that their irresponsible actions lead to serious injuries and / or death is something they may have to live with for the rest of their lives.

At best – the young driver could be apprehended by the police before they cause any damage, however, this could lead to fines, points on their licence or even prosecution. In turn this could lead to an increase in the cost of their young drivers insurance.

Either way you look at it – driving whilst on drugs or alcohol is something that should be avoided at all costs. It is illegal.

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