Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Driving with a cold as dangerous as drinking

Young drivers have been warned that driving with a cold or the flu could be as dangerous as drink driving. A study by Cardiff University's Common Cold Unit* has revealed that a motorist is at equal risk if they are driving with a bad cold or flu than if they'd been drinking.

The research indicated that drivers’ ability to drive could be impaired by as much as 50% (the equivalent of drinking four double whiskies). As a result the study suggests that a sick driver's ability to react is significantly impaired and they are less aware of other motorists on the road.

The other thing the research revealed was that cold or flu ridden drivers are in danger of significant distraction should they have a sneezing or coughing fit whilst driving.

In many instances many young drivers are not aware of the impact a cold or flu could have on their driving. Rather than putting themselves and others in danger (as well as risking their young driver insurance premiums) experts have suggests that motorists are better off staying off the road and letting themselves recover.

*Source: Effects of the Common Cold on simulated driving, Cardiff University.