Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Road Rage – Avoid Conflict Whilst Driving

Let’s face it – we all get angry from time-to-time whilst out on the road. For instance - I frequently get angry with other motorists. However, giving into “road rage” whilst driving can be a very risky and dangerous thing to do as you may be putting yourself and other motorists at risk. Besides – apart from risking lives, do you want to claim on your young drivers’ car insurance?

Here are a few tips to help you avoid getting into trouble whilst driving:

• Many of the most annoying manoeuvres undertaken by other motorists tend to be unintentional. Sometimes it’s just not worth taking out your frustration by flashing your lights, beeping your horn or making offensive gestures – and it could turn into something far uglier.

• Don’t try to compete or retaliate to other motorists annoying you on the road. There are always instances where someone is tailgating you on a dual-carriageway or motorway. In these instances it’s worth just pulling into the middle lane (if it’s safe to do so) and let the tailgating fool behind you go on ahead.

• Try to be patient in traffic. One of the most irritating things on the road are motorists who push into traffic queues – it upsets and annoys people. If you need to change lanes then you should signal with plenty of time and usually someone will allow you to pull into the lane.

• If you make a mistake be polite – acknowledge with a waved gesture or mouthed apology that you’ve made a mistake. Don’t be rude back – it will help to diffuse a potentially hot-headed situation.

• Finally – try not to respond to other driver’s bad behaviour by doing things such as hard braking, swerving or accelerating. This will only wind-up other motorists and could reduce the control you have over your vehicle – leading to a potential accident and claims on your young drivers insurance.

We appreciate that it’s not always easiest to keep control over your temper when wound up by other drivers but usually you’re far better off taking a couple of deep breaths, stay calm and carry on. Don’t make the situation worse than it already is.