Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Telematics Car Insurance – Alternative Cover In 2012

With the cost of renewing their car insurance at the fore-front of many young driver's minds in 2012 it can be difficult finding a scheme that's both affordable and comprehensive in its cover.

A telematics car insurance scheme could be the solution for many young motorists looking to keep the cost of their young driver insurance low.

From the outset a telematics car insurance product, such as iKube, really can save you money... not only in the initial short-term but also when it comes to renewal.

Let's take it back to basics a minute - telematics car insurance uses what's known as a "black box" GPS device to track the movement of the car.

iKube uses the device to monitor the time of day the young driver is driving - as long as they agree not to drive between 11pm - 5am they are granted a hefty discount on their car insurance... but it goes much further than that.

It's important to recognise good driving - no matter how old the motorist might be. This is why iKube can offer them a discount of up to 40% when it comes around to renewing their policy. As long as they've been careful drivers who avoid speeding, taking corners and roundabouts too quickly and basically exhibit traits of a good driver.

So – it’s really quite straight-forward and simple. As long as you drive well and within the parameters set by the telematics car insurance scheme then there is really no reason why you should have to pay exorbitant prices for your insurance.