Friday, 3 February 2012

iKube High Jinks On The Race Track

I took a trip out with our iKube insurance staff this evening to go and watch some high-speed high-jinks around the local Go-Karting track in Cardiff.

We were up against the likes of GoCompare, Admiral, TheAA and - but were we fazed? Well no, not really.

I'm pleased to say that the iKube girls and boys turned out in force (two iKube teams) with the intention of winning... or at least go down in true Welsh style - with a bit of a ruck.

Fortunately it didn't quite come to that! Besides Confused just didn't have the stomach for it! GoCompare did but fortunately Gio Compario wasn't there.

These are things I wish I could tell you but unfortunately we didn't win - that honour went to GoCompare - well done boys, girls and Gio Compario.

However, we did have a lot of fun whilst we were there - everyone from our Managing Director Nigel Lombard whizzing around the track at breakneck speed to Rob Morgan eating his pizza!

It was a night to remember… and I’ll leave you with this little image:

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