Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Learning To Drive: Distractions After Passing Your Test

Once you pass your driving test it’s easy to make the assumption that you are automatically a good driver. However, good driving comes with practice - that's practice after you pass your driving test as well as whilst you're learning to drive.

When you're getting behind the wheel for the first time by yourself there are a few things you really need to consider whilst on the road. As a young driver you are not an experienced motorist and when you have busy roads and countless distractions around you this can make things even harder. This is another reason to consider some form of specialist young driver insurance.

Let's take a quick look at some of these distractions and how you can avoid them:

Mobile Phones
This is probably a warning you've heard from countless people countless times but it's an important one. Don't use your mobile phone whilst you drive - whether you're talking, texting or sending an email. Mobile phones can be a major distraction whilst driving - if you need to use one then pull-over somewhere safe and use it.

Eating & Drinking
If you're trying to eat or drink something whilst driving this can be incredibly distracting and could lead to an accident. Think about it for a minute - your attention isn't 100% on the road - it's also on the soft drink or sandwich you've got in your hand. In addition to this - you've only got one hand free to drive with. This makes it far easier to lose control of the steering wheel - potentially leading to an accident. If you really need something to eat then stop somewhere safe and convenient to do so.

Control Your Nerves
As a newly qualified young driver it's not unusual to have a bout of nerves when you first start driving by yourself. Before you get started just take a few deep breaths and make sure you are putting all your focus on your driving.

Don't Fiddle With Your Stereo
It's great having a few tunes to listen to whilst driving but it’s also important to bear in mind that it can be a distraction. There is probably a temptation to blast your music whilst you are out on the road or even fiddle around with your music system to change radio stations or tunes whilst you’re driving. Unfortunately both of these things can lead to an accident as your mind is less likely to be on the drive and more on the music. Sometimes you're better off just leaving the stereo alone until you can stop your car to make any changes.

Multi-Tasking - A Real Danger
All of the things mentioned in this article previously are a form of multi-tasking whilst driving and all of them pose a threat to yourself and others. However, there are those of us who also think it's a good idea to do your hair, make-up or even get dressed whilst you're on the move. Not a good idea - once again you're more likely to be focused on what you are doing than on the road ahead. If you need to - give yourself more time to do these things before getting in the car.

So it’s worth taking all of these things into consideration before getting behind the wheel of your car – it could mean the difference between an accident and a safe drive.

Just in case you haven’t already thought about this – if you haven’t already upgraded your provisional insurance to a full licensed car insurance policy then give us a call. iKube’s specialist young drivers insurance could be just what you’re looking for.