Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Telematics Car Insurance More Acceptable To The Tech Savvy?

Modern-day young drivers taking to the road are far more tech savvy than those ten or twenty years ago - a different generation of motorists.

This generation of young drivers are probably more comfortable embracing the likes of telematics technology. In the majority of instances they can see the value of a telematics or "black box" device to monitor their driving. But why?

Consider this for a minute - the black box device installed in a car works in a two-fold way:

Telematics Car Insurance Specialist

It's long acknowledged that the black box insurance specialist uses it to monitor how the motorist drives - i.e. speed, harshness of braking, how quickly they take corners etc.

The telematics car insurance specialist can then take this into account when it comes to working out the cost of renewing the policy for the young driver.

In the case of iKube we can offer up to 40% discount at renewal - as long as you, the young or learner driver have demonstrated that you are a good driver and you have avoided driving the car between 11pm - 5am (the iKube red hours).

Young Driver

The majority (if not all) of black box insurance specialists give the young driver access to their data via some form of online portal.

In the case of iKube, once you have bought your young drivers or learner drivers insurance, you are given access to this portal to monitor your own driving. By checking your data regularly you can actually spot what elements of your driving needs improving.

By giving you access to this data iKube is giving you the ability to grow and mature as a driver as well as potentially reduce the cost of your car insurance on renewal.