Thursday, 9 February 2012

Why learner driver insurance can help

Having learner driver insurance in place is a legal necessity and essential if you are planning on taking your car out on the road (accompanied by a parent or instructor). But it does so much more than that.

Learner driver insurance helps to alleviate the problems associated with learning to driver – most importantly getting the practice in before going for your practical driving test (assuming you’ve passed your theory test of course).

Overall a learner driver or provisional insurance policy actually helps to reduce the cost of learning to driver… in theory. For instance – if you have a willing parent who is happy (and patient enough) to sit with you and help you practice then you could be on to a winner.

Just consider this for a minute – the more time, as a learner you spend on the road, the more chance you have of passing your practical driving test first time around. It could also help save you money on lessons – if you’re practising two to three times a week then this not only increases your confidence behind the wheel but it also improves your knowledge and skill when it comes to driving.

When all of this is combined it makes you a far better driver and means that you are far more ready when the time comes to take your driving test.

But the benefits don’t end there. Did you know that with iKube’s provisional insurance we also include breakdown cover* with all policies as well as the chance to earn your own No Claims Bonus (NCB) – you carry on earning your NCB even after you pass your test. That’s right – unlike some insurers iKube will not cancel or increase your car insurance after you pass your driving test and you carry on improving your driving record long afterwards.

So if you’ve been questioning whether having your own car and learner driver insurance policy will be beneficial and save you money in the long-run then wonder no more.

*Breakdown cover is mandatory cover for all iKube policies and is included as a £30 charge.