Friday, 30 March 2012

Brake Urges Motorists To Have Their Eyes Tested

The road safety charity, Brake are urging all drivers to make it their responsibility to get their eyes tested every two years.

The spokesperson for Brake, Martin Howard, has said that it is every learner driver and fully qualified motorist to check that they are still medically capable of driving.

He stated:

"Drivers who fail to take this step are taking enormous risks with their own lives, along with the lives of other road users and pedestrians"

According to research by RIAS aroudn 36% of motorists feel that drivers should have their eyes tested annually, however, only 27% have had their eyes tested in the last two years.

If you're a newly qualified driver or if you've just started to learn then now could be the perfect time to have your eyes tested.

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Thursday, 29 March 2012

Securing Your Car... Why It’s Important

Whilst many of us do not see the need for car security alarms... for whatever reason and parking the car in the garage is seen as an inconvenience there is method to the apparent madness of others who do.

Let’s take a look at why securing your car is important and what you can do to put these in place.

Here's a few thoughts:

Did you know that by buying a professionally fitted car security alarm you could reduce your young drivers insurance premium?

You could also reduce the cost of your young drivers car insurance if you have a garage you can park your vehicle in.

There are other ways of securing your car as well - such as fitting a steering wheel lock, however, this is really dependent on the insurer as to whether it will affect your premium.

By making your car more secure you not only make sure it's safe whilst parked up but by putting in a few of these simple security methods you could reduce the cost of your young drivers insurance.

If you need to know more about iKube’s insurance scheme and how it works please visit our telematics car insurance page.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Learner Drivers Cause Traffic Jam... Not!

In typical Top Gear style, James May decided to take DJ Chris Evans' £5.6 million Ferrari California Spider on a drive around busy city streets - only to be confronted with 3 learner drivers all practising manoeuvres on a busy road.

However, all is not what it appeared to be... according to a recent article by the Daily Mail this was staged. Which, again in true Top Gear style, has caused a large amount of controversy - which I'm sure May, Hammond and Clarkson are all relishing with gusto!

Unfortunately there will always be people who take these things a little too seriously.

But - just think about it for a minute - James May takes out a classic, very rare car like a Ferrari California Spider at the busiest time of day and you don't expect some hilarity and high-jinks to ensue?!

It's a potential recipe for disaster... especially when you throw in a couple of carefully placed learner drivers all practising (or trying to practice) manoeuvres on a busy road.

Fortunately - for James May at least, the learner driver cars were actually being driven by fully qualified driving instructors who were simply there to add a little tension (and comic effect) to the scene.

Commenting on the criticism the show received a spokesperson for the BBC stated: "As an entertainment programme, Top Gear prides itself on making silly films that don't pretend to represent real life."

They added:

"Any suggestion it deliberately misled viewers is patently ludicrous."

Want to watch James May take to the street in a Ferrari California Spider? Check this out:
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Friday, 16 March 2012

Young Drivers – Importance of Car Maintenance

In a recent survey by Kwik Fit around 73% of UK drivers are failing to check their brakes for wear and tear on a regular basis.

The survey also revealed that many motorists simply do not understand what some of the warning symbols on their car's dashboard mean.

This could lead to otherwise avoidable accidents and a potential increase in young drivers insurance premiums.
This certainly raises a few concerns - especially for young or inexperienced motorists. Did you know, for example, that under or over-inflated tyres could lead to handling problems as well as lead to reduced grip and longer braking distances?

If not then maybe now is the time to do a little research!

Whether you are a learner still on a provisional insurance policy or a young driver it's essential to make sure that you know your vehicle. Even if that means sitting down with your car's user manual in the evening - it's important to know what those blinking lights on your dashboard mean.

In addition - here are a few other things to check:

• If your brakes feel spongy, squeal or grind - this could mean they really are starting to wear-down. If this is the case then you need to get them checked by a professional

• Checking your tyre pressure is probably best done by a professional if you're not sure what you're doing. Remember - under or overinflated tyres can take their toll on your car's brakes so having this checked every now and then is definitely worth-while.

Want to know more? Check out our great range of motoring and car maintenance guides.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

We Don't Believe In Short Term Cover For Learners

There are a number of insurers and insurance brokers out in the market at the moment offering "short term learner drivers insurance" or provisional insurance that automatically goes up once the learner passes their test.

Here at iKube we don't believe in short term provisional insurance or increases in premium once the learner passes. We believe that when a learner takes out iKube that policy should, like any car insurance product, cover them for the full 12 month policy.

iKube's learner driver insurance works in a very straight-forward way. The learner driver takes out the policy and receives all the benefits of a standard car insurance policy - i.e. fully comp or third party fire and theft as well as the extras - including breakdown cover as standard*, free cover for named drivers and, most importantly, discounted car insurance premiums for safer driving.

There is really only one little thing to note about this policy -

Black Box Insurance / Telematics Car Insurance

iKube asks that the learner does not drive between 11pm and 5am (but what driving instructor or parent would want to take their teenager out driving at this time anyway?).

iKube then installs a little black box or "telematics" device in the vehicle that reports on the time of day you're driving.

If the learner is found to be out and about driving between 11pm and 5am they will incur a nightly charge of £100.

Why Do We Do This?

It's very simple really - the reason we have put this in place is two-fold:

1. iKube want young and learner drivers to be safe whilst on the road - statistically there is a higher risk of being involved in a serious accident after 11pm.

2. We can offer a discount of up to 25% when you take out a provisional insurance policy with us based on the agreement that you don't drive after 11pm.

However, you should also note that when it comes around to renewing your car insurance policy we could also offer up to 40% off your renewal premium as long as you have proved to us that you are a good, safe driver.

We can see this information by checking your driving data that our telematics device records.

Sound tempting? Check out our learner driver insurance page for more information.

*Breakdown is a compulsory policy - charge of £30 applies.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Teenage Car Insurance – Driving Down Costs

So you've passed your driving test and you're almost on your way to becoming a fully fledged driver... so what's missing?

Well if you've just bought or are considering buying a car then young drivers insurance is a legal requirement, especially if you want to drive it!

Unfortunately when you're a 17 - 19 year old teenager the cost of teenage car insurance can be quite high. This is because traditional car insurance companies partly calculate their premiums based on the experience of the motorist. So when you're a teenager and you've only just passed your test you are undoubtedly going to be seen as more of a risk - hence why you're faced with high premiums.

So what can you do about getting lower teenage car insurance premiums?

You could consider a telematics insurance solution, such as iKube. We offer a specialist scheme that can discount teenage drivers by as much as 25% in some instances. This is largely thanks to the black box we install in your car that simply tracks the time of day you drive.

iKube asks that you don't drive between 11pm - 5am as this tends to be the most risky time to drive. As long as you agree to these terms you could receive substantial savings on your teenage car insurance.

However, did you also know that, in some instances, iKube may be able to offer further young driver insurance discounts if you have a pass plus qualification? It's certainly worth considering if you are eager to drive down costs.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Getting The Most Out Of Your Driving

Like our motoring brethren over at Brake and ROSPA, iKube are dedicated to helping you get the most out of your driving.

We want you to become a safer and more confident driver and avoid putting yourself, your passengers and other road users at risk whilst on the road (as well as avoiding the need to claim on your young drivers insurance).

Did you know that by becoming a safer driver you could also save yourself a bit of money and help the environment to boot?

By driving safely and economically you tend to use less fuel and reduce the wear and tear on your car.

Here are a few tips to help get the most out of your motoring:

• Slow down sooner to avoid harsh braking - harsh or sharp braking is not good for your car and may result in further costs if you're wearing out your brakes too quickly. It could also result in an accident if you brake too late.

• Give the car ahead of you more room when you're in traffic - driving too close could result in you rear-ending the vehicle in front - resulting in an accident and a potential claim on your young drivers insurance.

• Watch your speed so you don't exceed the legal road limit - exceeding the speed limit is not only illegal it's also potentially very dangerous.

• Don't race the traffic lights when they're turning to amber - you may not make it and you could end up in a serious accident.

• Don't accelerate harshly - this uses a lot of fuel and takes its toll on your car.

• Only use the middle or right-hand lanes for overtaking on motorways - accidents are usually caused by motorists clogging up the middle lane. Stick to the left and only use the middle or right-hand lane for overtaking. The same applies for dual-carriageways - use the left-hand lane unless you're overtaking.

Young People Fear For Safety In Cars

A recent report suggests that a young person is killed every 18 hours on average on UK roads.

Recent figures by driving charity, Brake also shows that young passengers in a car are now fearing for their safety when being driven by young drivers. This could prove detrimental to the cost of young drivers insurance

Unfortunately many young passengers have a major hurdle to overcome when it comes down to voicing their fears for safety and reducing the chance of an accident. An unfortunate case of peer-pressure in the majority of cases.

Whilst the survey of over 8,000 young people suggested that whilst 42% did not fear for their safety a worrying 56% of them did.

What is more worrying is that 24% of the young people surveyed had been in a car with a young driver who had taken drugs or alcohol.

However, some good news did come out of the survey as many young people support some of the proposed restrictions on young drivers - a whopping 82%.

These restrictions include:

  • A zero alcohol limit
  • Passenger number limitations
  • Tougher penalties
  • Ban on driving certain types of vehicles