Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Learner Drivers Cause Traffic Jam... Not!

In typical Top Gear style, James May decided to take DJ Chris Evans' £5.6 million Ferrari California Spider on a drive around busy city streets - only to be confronted with 3 learner drivers all practising manoeuvres on a busy road.

However, all is not what it appeared to be... according to a recent article by the Daily Mail this was staged. Which, again in true Top Gear style, has caused a large amount of controversy - which I'm sure May, Hammond and Clarkson are all relishing with gusto!

Unfortunately there will always be people who take these things a little too seriously.

But - just think about it for a minute - James May takes out a classic, very rare car like a Ferrari California Spider at the busiest time of day and you don't expect some hilarity and high-jinks to ensue?!

It's a potential recipe for disaster... especially when you throw in a couple of carefully placed learner drivers all practising (or trying to practice) manoeuvres on a busy road.

Fortunately - for James May at least, the learner driver cars were actually being driven by fully qualified driving instructors who were simply there to add a little tension (and comic effect) to the scene.

Commenting on the criticism the show received a spokesperson for the BBC stated: "As an entertainment programme, Top Gear prides itself on making silly films that don't pretend to represent real life."

They added:

"Any suggestion it deliberately misled viewers is patently ludicrous."

Want to watch James May take to the street in a Ferrari California Spider? Check this out:
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