Thursday, 29 March 2012

Securing Your Car... Why It’s Important

Whilst many of us do not see the need for car security alarms... for whatever reason and parking the car in the garage is seen as an inconvenience there is method to the apparent madness of others who do.

Let’s take a look at why securing your car is important and what you can do to put these in place.

Here's a few thoughts:

Did you know that by buying a professionally fitted car security alarm you could reduce your young drivers insurance premium?

You could also reduce the cost of your young drivers car insurance if you have a garage you can park your vehicle in.

There are other ways of securing your car as well - such as fitting a steering wheel lock, however, this is really dependent on the insurer as to whether it will affect your premium.

By making your car more secure you not only make sure it's safe whilst parked up but by putting in a few of these simple security methods you could reduce the cost of your young drivers insurance.

If you need to know more about iKube’s insurance scheme and how it works please visit our telematics car insurance page.