Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Teenage Car Insurance – Driving Down Costs

So you've passed your driving test and you're almost on your way to becoming a fully fledged driver... so what's missing?

Well if you've just bought or are considering buying a car then young drivers insurance is a legal requirement, especially if you want to drive it!

Unfortunately when you're a 17 - 19 year old teenager the cost of teenage car insurance can be quite high. This is because traditional car insurance companies partly calculate their premiums based on the experience of the motorist. So when you're a teenager and you've only just passed your test you are undoubtedly going to be seen as more of a risk - hence why you're faced with high premiums.

So what can you do about getting lower teenage car insurance premiums?

You could consider a telematics insurance solution, such as iKube. We offer a specialist scheme that can discount teenage drivers by as much as 25% in some instances. This is largely thanks to the black box we install in your car that simply tracks the time of day you drive.

iKube asks that you don't drive between 11pm - 5am as this tends to be the most risky time to drive. As long as you agree to these terms you could receive substantial savings on your teenage car insurance.

However, did you also know that, in some instances, iKube may be able to offer further young driver insurance discounts if you have a pass plus qualification? It's certainly worth considering if you are eager to drive down costs.