Wednesday, 14 March 2012

We Don't Believe In Short Term Cover For Learners

There are a number of insurers and insurance brokers out in the market at the moment offering "short term learner drivers insurance" or provisional insurance that automatically goes up once the learner passes their test.

Here at iKube we don't believe in short term provisional insurance or increases in premium once the learner passes. We believe that when a learner takes out iKube that policy should, like any car insurance product, cover them for the full 12 month policy.

iKube's learner driver insurance works in a very straight-forward way. The learner driver takes out the policy and receives all the benefits of a standard car insurance policy - i.e. fully comp or third party fire and theft as well as the extras - including breakdown cover as standard*, free cover for named drivers and, most importantly, discounted car insurance premiums for safer driving.

There is really only one little thing to note about this policy -

Black Box Insurance / Telematics Car Insurance

iKube asks that the learner does not drive between 11pm and 5am (but what driving instructor or parent would want to take their teenager out driving at this time anyway?).

iKube then installs a little black box or "telematics" device in the vehicle that reports on the time of day you're driving.

If the learner is found to be out and about driving between 11pm and 5am they will incur a nightly charge of £100.

Why Do We Do This?

It's very simple really - the reason we have put this in place is two-fold:

1. iKube want young and learner drivers to be safe whilst on the road - statistically there is a higher risk of being involved in a serious accident after 11pm.

2. We can offer a discount of up to 25% when you take out a provisional insurance policy with us based on the agreement that you don't drive after 11pm.

However, you should also note that when it comes around to renewing your car insurance policy we could also offer up to 40% off your renewal premium as long as you have proved to us that you are a good, safe driver.

We can see this information by checking your driving data that our telematics device records.

Sound tempting? Check out our learner driver insurance page for more information.

*Breakdown is a compulsory policy - charge of £30 applies.