Friday, 16 March 2012

Young Drivers – Importance of Car Maintenance

In a recent survey by Kwik Fit around 73% of UK drivers are failing to check their brakes for wear and tear on a regular basis.

The survey also revealed that many motorists simply do not understand what some of the warning symbols on their car's dashboard mean.

This could lead to otherwise avoidable accidents and a potential increase in young drivers insurance premiums.
This certainly raises a few concerns - especially for young or inexperienced motorists. Did you know, for example, that under or over-inflated tyres could lead to handling problems as well as lead to reduced grip and longer braking distances?

If not then maybe now is the time to do a little research!

Whether you are a learner still on a provisional insurance policy or a young driver it's essential to make sure that you know your vehicle. Even if that means sitting down with your car's user manual in the evening - it's important to know what those blinking lights on your dashboard mean.

In addition - here are a few other things to check:

• If your brakes feel spongy, squeal or grind - this could mean they really are starting to wear-down. If this is the case then you need to get them checked by a professional

• Checking your tyre pressure is probably best done by a professional if you're not sure what you're doing. Remember - under or overinflated tyres can take their toll on your car's brakes so having this checked every now and then is definitely worth-while.

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