Thursday, 19 April 2012

BBC Watchdog Eyes Up Motor Insurers

BBC Watchdog ran an interesting piece on car insurance practices on 12th April 2012.

What the programme revealed was that a lot of insurers are actually increasing car insurance premiums for their existing customers.

However, the other interesting thing to come out of the programme was the fact that, when searching for alternative cover on price comparison websites, existing customers were finding that quotes were far cheaper with the same company for new business customers.

This suggests that a lot of car insurance firms are more focused on winning new business rather than retaining the business they already have.

However, iKube are a young and learner drivers insurance broker that are dedicated to finding the right cover at the right price - whether you're a new or existing customer.

Once you've joined up to the iKube black box insurance scheme we want to reward our customers.

Thanks to our black box insurance scheme we are able to offer a premium that matches the way in which a young driver drives their car. 

If they drive consistently well and safely as well as avoid driving between 11pm - 5am (statistically the riskiest time of day to drive) we reward them at renewal... unlike some.

Did you know that the cream of the crop can receive up to 40% discount at renewal, no longer need to be on curfew as well as receive their no claims bonus (NCB)?!

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