Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Incentivising Young Drivers To Drive Safely

Young drivers are amongst the primary concerns when considering all manner of issues on UK roads.  Unfortunately they still have a poor reputation for having too many road accidents.

The good news is that the Government, along with insurance providers and parents all plan on making them as safe as possible. David Cameron, for example, has recently lauded the use of telematics or "black box" insurance technology to help reduce accidents (as well as reduce the cost) for young drivers insurance.*

However, here at iKube we like to get you on a policy early - like when you're learning to drive, for instance.

Why? Good question - think about it like this; iKube offers a learner driver insurance product that reduces the overall cost of driving.

We can do this by offering learner drivers a discounted rate as long as they agree to be tracked by our black box technology. So the one simple request is that you don't drive between 11pm - 5am at night as this tends to be a riskier time to drive.

But it doesn't just end there. Once you pass your driving test the premium you pay doesn't change (but make sure you tell us that you've passed). So you continue to pay the same amount for your young drivers insurance that you paid when you were on a provisional insurance policy.

When it comes around to renewing your policy we offer a number of additional incentives to our young drivers.

1. If you have been a flawless driver with no issues whatsoever whilst on the policy we can actually offer you up to 40% telematics discount with NO CURFEW! On top of this you also gain your No Claims Discount... saving you a huge amount of money! Find out more about our behavioural discounts.

2. If you have been a good driver then we can offer you a telematics discount with the offer of buying back your curfew. Essentially you will not need to be on curfew and you will still get a generous discount.

3. If you have been an "ok" driver then you will still get a telematics discount but you may need to remain on curfew for your second year.

So it really is about incentivising you - the young driver - the better you drive the better the discount and rewards!

Find out more about our learner driver insurance policy and how it can save you money.