Thursday, 5 April 2012

Learner Drivers - Protect Your Car With A Black Box

Did you know that, other than reducing your learner driver insurance premium, iKube's black box could also help to track your vehicle should it get stolen?

Pretty useful really... especially after all that money you or your parents forked out for the car, road tax, provisional insurance and other motoring costs.

This is one of the real benefits of taking out black box insurance - no matter where the car is we can track it. Since the telematics device is installed out of sight it's not obvious that the car has any form of tracking in place at all... so thieves don’t know they’re being tracked.

To find the vehicle we can work with the police to help locate the car as well as the thief (If they've not already scarpered).

How does the device track?

It's simple really - the black box or "telematics" device is essentially a GPS that records data about the drive. It can record a number of elements such as speed, types of roads, location, acceleration and braking patterns.

The key here is "location" - the device can actually track where the car is... thanks to the powerful TomTom GPS unit that is installed as part of all iKube policies.

Whilst many learner drivers may not like the idea of being tracked while they drive this just goes to highlight yet another important benefit of black box insurance.