Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Black Boxes - The Right Solution For Learner Drivers

As a learner driver it can prove tricky finding the time and money to practice for your driving test.

The sheer cost of learning to drive is expensive with the price of fuel on the increase and the cost of driving lessons (not to mention theory and practical test costs).

However, there are instances where you can bring down the overall cost of learning to drive. Taking out learner drivers insurance to cover your own car is certainly worth considering - especially if you have a willing parent who will take you out on the road to give you some of that much needed practice.

Unfortunately, depending on where you go, the cost of provisional insurance can be quite expensive. By turning to a black box insurance policy you could actually reduce the cost of your learner driver insurance.

It's really straight-forward - the learner receives discounted rates based on the agreement that they do not drive between 11pm - 5am at night (statistically the most dangerous time to drive). For a learner this isn't asking a lot as it's unlikely that a driving instructor or parent would like to take them out driving at this time anyway.

It's also important to note that iKube's black box insurance policy will not automatically cancel or increase once the learner passes their test. They are still insured, however, they do need to tell iKube so that the policy can be updated.

To find out more about iKube and how it's scheme works please check out the following: