Thursday, 17 May 2012

Key Benefits Of Black Box Insurance

There are a wide range of benefits that black box insurance can help you - and we're not just talking about saving you money.

Here's a quick list of ways black box insurance can help:

It Can Save You Money! 

I know I said that it's not just about saving you money but let's face it - it's still a pretty important factor for many young drivers looking for car insurance. The iKube black box scheme can help reduce the cost of young drivers insurance simply by requesting that you don't drive late at night (between 11pm - 5am). 

Makes You A Safer Driver. 

By taking out a young drivers’ insurance policy with iKube you are being given the opportunity to prove that you are a good driver. As long as you can prove that you drive well and carefully you are rewarded with further discounts at renewal. When it comes around to year 2 renewals the scheme not only takes into consideration No Claims Bonuses but it also looks at your driving data and determines how well and how carefully you've driven. As long as you've displayed good driving behaviour you could be in for a significant discount.

Tracking Car Thefts. 

All cars on a black box car insurance scheme needs to be fitted with a tracking device (i.e. the little black box) so that data can be recorded on how, when and where the car is being driven. By using this data iKube can actually provide help to local authorities if they are looking for a stolen vehicle. Since the device is difficult to locate it's not obvious that the car is even fitted with a tracker so a thief will probably be unaware that they're being traced.

So are there benefits to taking out a telematics young driver insurance scheme with iKube? Just look at the facts, give us a call and see if we could help you: 0845 602 6925.