Thursday, 17 May 2012

Learner Drivers – A Lower Car Insurance Risk

Did you know that learner drivers are actually seen as a lower car insurance risk than a newly qualified young driver? If so have you ever wondered why?

Let's take a look at a few facts about learner driver insurance:

Learners are accompanied or "chaperoned" by a driving instructor or other qualified driver such as a parent when they're out on the road. As a result they are actually seen as less of a risk - since they're not allowed to drive by themselves. 

A newly qualified young driver tends to be seen as a higher risk as they are not being supervised by an instructor or more mature, qualified driver, such as a parent. Consequently a new driver will probably be faced with high young drivers’ insurance premiums. 

This is why iKube believe that it is in their best interests to take out a provisional car insurance policy whilst they are still learning to drive. 

Did you know that by taking out an iKube learner driver insurance policy you are actually saving yourself money in the long-run? Unlike some other provisional insurance schemes iKube will not increase the cost of your car insurance after you pass your driving test – more importantly the policy will still be valid as long as you let us know that you’ve passed.

So don't wait until you've passed your test - take out a provisional car insurance quote before and you could make significant savings in the long-run.