Thursday, 31 May 2012

Provisional Licences Explained

When you hit the age of 17 and you start looking into driving it can be a bit of a whirlwind - there can be quite a lot to take in. However, by far the most important thing before you start getting overwhelmed by it is to make sure you have a provisional licence.

Having a provisional licence is essential if you want to start driving lessons or even if you need learner driver insurance for that car you plan to buy and practice in.

So how do you go about buying one? Well it's really quite simple - just visit DirectGov apply online for it.

Alternatively, if this doesn't appeal, just pop-down to your local post office and buy one.

However, before you go rushing off you need to ensure you can prove the following:

• Are a UK resident
• Not prevented from driving for any reason
• Are at least 17 or older
• Meet the necessary eyesight requirement

You also need to make sure you can provide the following when you go to purchase your provisional driving licence:

• £50 for the licence
• A valid UK passport or other form of ID
• Proof of address of where you have lived in the last 3 years

It can take anything from 2 - 3 weeks to receive your licence once you've applied.

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