Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Taking An Active Approach In Your Teen’s Driving

A study by the AAA Foundation in the US has revealed that it's actually safer for a young driver insurance holder to drive by themselves than to allow another teenage passenger in the car with them.

It's believed that if a parent restricts the young driver to driving alone they could significantly reduce the risk of a driving accident.

Commenting on behalf of AAA, Chuch Mai stated:

“The more teen passengers, the more likely there is conversation going on back and forth, perhaps horseplay or even a certain degree of perhaps showing off."

The study showed that with every passenger younger than 21 the risk of fatalities increases exponentially and quadruples with three or more passengers.

Mr Mai added that teens are more at risk since they do not have the experience that an older driver does to manage distractions, such as passengers in the car.

He went on to say that parents need to take a more active approach in their teenager's driving habits to help reduce the chance of an accident.

Other ways you can improve safety for your teenager whilst driving is by considering a black box insurance policy, such as iKube. A black box policy can help reduce the risk as it monitors driving behaviours – in the case of iKube the scheme requests that the young driver does not drive between 11pm – 5am as this is proven to be the most dangerous time of the day to drive.

However, at renewal the black box insurance policy also takes into consideration how well and how carefully the young motorist has driven. If they have driven well they could receive substantial savings when it comes around to renewing their car insurance.