Friday, 11 May 2012

Young Drivers - Importance Of Correct Information

As a learner driver the cost of young drivers insurance tends to be higher than car insurance for those who have a full licence.

This may tempt policy holders to bend the truth when requesting a young drivers insurance quote from the insurer or the broker.

This even on a small scale is fraud and you will be convicted if found out. Providing anything but true and correct information can and will result in a claim being rejected by the insurance company. So the shiny new vehicle that you bought will be damaged or scrapped and you will be out of pocket.

On a more serious note you may be liable for any injury to a third party if an accident causes suffering or loss of life.


You may think that driving down the premium by insuring the car in your parent's name is a clever way of saving money but the above applies in this situation as well. You are essentially breaking the law and will be found out.

To avoid any issues material facts must be disclosed, including your driving licence details. You will be required to provide copies of your licences (paper and card) if and when a claim is made.

So – why shouldn’t you bend the truth when requesting a car insurance quote? It’s simple really – it’s a criminal offence to falsify information to obtain cheap young drivers insurance. The risk really is not worth the hassle.

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