Friday, 8 June 2012

British Drivers Becoming More Polite?!

Young drivers could be in for some good news as; according to a recent poll British motorists are becoming far nicer on the roads.

Let me just say that again. "British" motorists are becoming far "nicer" on roads.

Incredibly it's true... at least if you believe the CarCraft / Opinion Matters survey carried out of over 2,000 drivers. If this is true then accidents and claims on young drivers insurance could reduce.

I can't say this is in-line with what I've seen when on the road, however, for the benefit of our readers I'll hold on to my opinion until the end.

Let's take a look at what the study revealed:

1. Over a third of motorists "smile" at other motorists when they're cutting lanes or pushing in queues.

2. Only 3% get angry and swear when getting cut up... the older generation (aged 45 – 54) tend to be the worst culprits when it comes to this behaviour.

3. Perhaps unsurprisingly motorists over the age of 55 smile the least of all age groups.

4. Women are more willing to use charm techniques than men.

5. Around 60% of motorists are willing to wait in traffic until it starts to flow, however, a quarter look to find an alternative route.

In addition to all of this only a minor few actually admitted to cutting queues and lane jumping... but then how many people will actually admit to this type of behaviour and how many do it without realising they've done it?

If true this could spell good news for young drivers taking to the road for the first time. As motorists become nicer and more patient on the roads the risk of accidents could well be reduced – in turn reducing the number of claims made on young drivers insurance.