Thursday, 28 June 2012

New Suspension Rules For Driving Instructors Introduced

The UK government is to introduce new rules to protect learner driver insurance holders from driving instructors who are believed to pose a major risk to the public.

The new legislation was proposed in Parliament earlier this month as the current government believes that further efforts must be made to prevent road incidents.

Mike Penning, Road Safety Minister believes that the majority of driving instructors meet the high levels of practice required by the industry; however, there are rare cases when individuals do not meet the necessary standards. It is believed that these people pose a threat to themselves and others.

Mr Penning commented: “The vast majority of instructors meet the extremely high standards we require of them, but in the very rare cases where an instructor presents a significant danger to the public, it is right that we take prompt and effective action to protect learners and other road users.”

Under current law it takes an absolute minimum of 45 days to ban an instructor from being paid to teach learner drivers. As of 13th July this is set to change and the registrar of approved driving instructors is to be given powers to suspend instructors with immediate effect - both fully qualified registered instructors and those who are still trainees.

The registrar will also be given the power to suspend instructors who may have been convicted of a violent or sexual offence.

In spite of this driving instructors will be given the right to appeal against the ban. In addition to this they are within their rights to apply for compensation to cover any money they may have lost during their suspension.