Thursday, 14 June 2012

Summer Driving – Limiting Motoring Dangers For Young Drivers

With warmer weather closing in more and more of us will be taking to the road, however, it's important to be aware of the risks the hot weather could pose.

With winter and cold weather behind us (hopefully) and the summer months up-ahead It's all too easy to become lapse in driving safety.

We've put together a quick list of things to be aware of whilst driving in the summer:

1. Young drivers insurance
It's important to make sure the cover you get is the right young drivers insurance for you. For example, we use black box insurance technology to record data about your driving style. By driving with care you could be rewarded with substantial discounts at renewal. iKube also gives young drivers the ability to monitor their own driving style online so that you can adapt your technique to become a safer driver.

2. Limit the number of passengers you have in your car
It stands to reason that passengers can be quite distracting and, as a young driver it may be easier to simply limit the number of people you carry when you're driving around.

3. Turn off your mobile phone whilst driving
Using a mobile phone whilst on the road, whether you're phoning, texting or tweeting, is a risky business. So either switch off your phone or set it to silent and stick it in your car’s glove box, out of sight.

4. Learn about basic car maintenance
It's worth learning a little about car maintenance - even if it's just checking the oil and fluid levels and how to top them up. If you're unsure about anything there are plenty of resources available online or simply ask someone you trust to teach you some basics.