Thursday, 28 June 2012

Young Drivers Are Unfairly Discriminated Against

According to one comparison website* young drivers are not discriminated against - "they are just inexperienced."

Well - when I first read that my instant reaction was "What?!" It's one thing saying that young drivers are inexperienced but it's quite another thing to say that they are not being discriminated against... when they are.

A standard young driver's car insurance premium tends to be calculated based on a variety of factors. These include:

• Where the young driver lives (i.e. postcode)
• How old they are
• How long they have been driving for
• Gender (changes Dec 2012)
• Type of car they want to insure (i.e. engine size)

All of these aspects are based on a stereotypical picture put together by the insurance firm.

Stereotyping by its very nature is unfair and discriminatory. For example, it's like saying that every 17 year old male driver who lives in Billaracy, Essex and drives a Citreon Saxo is a boy racer... Ok, I know there is a joke here somewhere but I'll restrain myself.

But I am digressing... the point is young drivers do tend to be discriminated against. I accept the fact that they are inexperienced motorists but that doesn't automatically make them bad drivers... does it?

Well here at iKube we like to think otherwise - which is why we base our young driver insurance ratings on other factors as well.

We provide what's known as "black box car insurance". The policy is rated in a similar way to a standard insurance policy; however, we add a discount to the policy as long as the young driver agrees not to drive between 11pm - 5am (the red hours) as this is the most dangerous time to drive.

Is that a big ask? It won't suit every young driver but we believe it's perfect for people who don't need to drive late at night. We don't restrict you on mileage (like some) and we won't increase your premium if you do drive after 11pm. We understand that in some cases it's necessary (like in an emergency) - what we will do is simply charge you £100 if you do. Just think of it as a deterrent to keep you off the road during the riskiest time - it's about keeping you safe and your premiums low.