Monday, 30 July 2012

Young Drivers Demand Fuel Efficiency

Fuel efficiency is becoming one of the most important factors when young drivers look to buy a car.

The cost of fuel has become a hotly debated topic as it has become increasingly more expensive since the beginning of the "credit crunch" back in 2008. As a result many young drivers are probably wondering how they're going to afford to keep their cars running.

Not only is the cost of fuel on the increase but young drivers are faced with other costs - including young driver insurance, car maintenance costs, road tax, etc.

Whilst the likes of black box insurance can help to reduce the amount paid out for cover the additional costs of motoring are likely to have a significant impact on young driver budgets.

Recent focus has turned to electric cars and hybrids as an alternative to traditional petrol / diesel powered cars to help reduce the burden.

Here's a quick list of innovative solutions from top names in the motor industry...

Toyota's latest Prius - the Plug-in is capable of charging whilst plugged into nearby sockets. The car is capable of running off pure electric power for 15 miles before requiring fuel.

Vauxhall Ampera – voted joint European car of the year, along with the Cheverolet Volt. This little beauty is a clever combination of electric-drive and a petrol powered electricity generator. This car is capable of a 40 mile range thanks to the electric-drive when fully charged. The petrol powered electricity generator only kicks in when the electric-drive is exhausted.

Chevrolet Volt - car of the year 2012 is an almost pure electric powered car which is highly fuel efficient. This is effectively the same as the Vauxhall Ampera but with a different body shape and brand.

The Nissan Leaf - an all-electric car. This car is Nissan's attempt to enter the electric vehicle market. When fully charged the vehicle has a reported range of 120 miles, however, this is probably dependent on how you drive the car.

Whilst all this innovation in the motor industry sounds great it still raises the question of cost for many young drivers. A lot of hybrid or electric cars are still pretty pricey and when you mix this with road tax, car maintenance and young driver insurance the final price could still be too expensive for many.