Thursday, 16 August 2012

Footwear Warning Over Summer Driving

Now that the warmer weather has arrived many young drivers will want to jump in the car and get down to the beach.

The problem is many of us will be tempted to drive in flip-flops or even bear-foot in some cases. But that is not a good idea - here's why.

Wearing flip-flops can be dangerous whilst driving - they can easily come off - if this happens you could be subject to:

The distraction of losing your footwear
This means that you could lose control of the vehicle or fail to notice the hazards around you - resulting in an accident and a potential claim on your young drivers insurance.

The flip-flop getting caught under a pedal
The danger here is fairly obvious - if, for example, the flip-flop gets caught under a brake pedal and you go to slam on the brakes when someone unexpectedly pulls-out you could end-up going into the back of them since you have less control over the foot-brake. The braking-power available to you will be greatly reduced.

Whilst there is no legal requirement to wear appropriate footwear whilst driving... you could be risking your life and putting other drivers at risk by driving in flip-flops, barefooted or even high-heels.

So before you drive off to the beach or the shops this summer think about your footwear – the last thing you want is a road accident and a young drivers' car insurance claim because you wore inappropriate footwear whilst driving.