Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Poor Driving Costs Young Drivers £7 Billion A Year

A recent study by the Energy Savings Trust has revealed that poor driving is costing British drivers a massive £7 billion a year!

On average the Energy Savings Trust believes that drivers could save themselves an annual cost of £270 - which is the equivalent of 20 pence per litre, if they were to adopt a eco-friendly style of driving.

The cost of fuel is clearly not helping matters and there is no denying that things need to change to bring costs down to a more affordable, manageable level for motorists. However, that doesn't mean drivers should ignore the potential cost savings that fuel efficient driving styles can bring.

With the cost of young drivers insurance, road tax and car maintenance to worry about young drivers are best advised to consider ways they can improve their driving to reduce the amount they spend on fuel.

Tim Anderson, the Senior Transport Advice Manager for the Energy Savings Trust advised the following top ten methods to help improve fuel efficiency:

1. Try and drive more smoothly

2. Anticipate road conditions

3. Shift up gears early

4. Turn off your car's engine - if you expect to stop for over a minute

5. Switch off your air conditioning

6. Remove roof racks

7. De-clutter your car

8. Reduce your speed on motorways - drive the speed limit

9. Ensure your tyres are inflated correctly

10. Try to avoid sharp braking - give yourself more time and look ahead whilst driving

If all British motorists adopted these simple guidelines Mr Anderson believes that as they could save as much as £6.6 billion a year.

Find out more about the Energy Saving Trust's "Fuel Your Passion" campaign and how you can improve your fuel efficiency by visiting their website.

Source: http://www.energysavingtrust.org.uk/Energy-Saving-Trust/Press/Press-releases/Energy-Saving-Trust-urges-motorists-to-fuel-their-passion-and-save-money-to-buy-the-things-they-love