Thursday, 4 October 2012

Road tax to be abolished

New proposals are currently being put forward to abolish road tax (Vehicle Excise Duty) in favour of upfront fees.

Under the new plans the price of small cars would see an increase of over £1,500. Owners of sports cars or vehicles with large engines could end up paying huge fees of £23,000.

Under the new scheme the rate would be set at £50 for every gram of CO2 a car produces over a pre-set point. Under the new proposals this is expected to be 94g/km.

In spite of this the Government are suggesting that those drivers who buy eco-friendly, fuel efficient cars could be granted a £750 subsidy.

Under the scheme it has been calculated that it could cut fuel usage by around 450 gallons over a 100,000 mile lifetime – saving drivers well over £2.5K.

Transport Minister Norman Baker has previously suggested that the use of a black box or telematics device could be used to monitor vehicle usage. This is very similar to the the way black box insurance companies utilise these devices to monitor driving behaviour.

However, he has suggested that the device will monitor vehicle usage to charge per mile on roads like motorways rather than behaviour.

He believes that this is feasible since road tax will be abolished and fuel duty (if any) will be significantly reduced.

What do you think about this new proposal by the Government? Good or bad? Whatever your views please feel free to leave a comment below.