Friday, 14 December 2012

Drink-Driving Over Christmas - Don't Risk It

News is coming in from all over the UK - from Lincolnshire to South Wales with reports that regional police forces are clamping down hard on drink-driving over the Christmas period.

Only today I read that 25 out of 600 drivers tested in North Lincolnshire were found to be over the limit in 2011. According to police reports this is up on the year before.

So is drink-driving back on the increase? The 2% of the 27,000+ motorists tested in Wales last year alone suggests that it could be.

Whilst these numbers may look relatively small in the grand-scheme of things, the behaviour of these irresponsible drivers could lead to fatal accidents - injuring and killing innocents as well as themselves.

Christmas is a time for spending with loved ones and for celebrating. It’s a time for festivity, fun and even a few drinks. But if you do plan on drinking - make sure you don't drive.

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