Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Keep Your Windscreens Clear This Winter

There's been a bit of talk in recent months of young drivers tackling the job of de-icing their car with a wide range of household goods... anything other than a de-icer apparently!

A recent study conducted by Autoglym showed that many people are using spatulas, boiling water, alcohol and credit cards to de-frost their vehicles.

Commenting on the survey Autoglym’s CEO said:

"Using anything other than a good quality de-icing solution and ice scraper will not effectively remove the ice, and makeshift substitutes can damage the car's glass and rubber seals.”

He added:

“Instead of attacking the windscreen with boiling water and a credit card, I'd urge motorists to prepare themselves with the correct equipment for the job.” 

Now I'll be the first to admit that I fill a container with water to clear the windscreen... but not with boiling water! Funnily enough cold water does a pretty good job of clearing it - usually because even water from the cold tap is warmer than the ice on your window.

Did you know that if you use boiling water to de-ice your car you could risk shattering your windscreen due to the sudden extreme change in temperature?

Personally I don't like the idea of forking out a lot of money to replace an entire windscreen and I can't imagine many of us could afford that kind of cost...

So - young drivers - do yourselves a favour this winter - shell out for an ice-scraper and even a can of de-icer.

Alternatively, if like me you’re pretty tight or on a shoestring, then use cold water – it’s remarkably effective!