Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Simulated Driving Could Save Lives

Here at iKube we're always on the lookout for exciting new gadgets and apps that are built specifically to help learner drivers pass their driving test.

Whilst trawling the web I came across a piece on a driving simulator that helps learners to experience a range of driving conditions, including driving in snow, wet weather and other extreme conditions, without putting themselves at risk.

Afsim, a South African based company has partnered with Coega Development Corporation (CDC) to produce the simulators to help learner drivers.

Commenting on behalf of CDC, Ayanda Vilakazi sand that the initiative was launched to "save costs, improve safety, help drivers to use their controls more effectively and provide a wider range of exposure to hazardous driving conditions."

She added:

“Learner drivers, nervous or not, are constantly in danger of accidents on the road as they have never sat behind a steering wheel. It is essential that these individuals spend time on simulators to gain confidence before they drive on a public road.”

The company hopes that the simulator will help to cut the costs of learning to drive as it will mean learners will be able practice more without having to fork out more for extra driving lessons.

The group aims to distribute the simulator throughout South Africa, unfortunately there are no plans to ship it abroad - to the UK, for example, where many learner drivers would benefit from learning more technical driving in a safe environment.

iKube would be very interested to hear other's opinions on learning in a driving simulator before practising on the road. Please feel free to leave a comment below.