Thursday, 21 February 2013

Learner Driver Numbers Dropping

With motoring costs doubling is there any wonder why young people do not want to drive?

A recent study by Auto Trader has suggested that the cost of keeping a car on the road could double in the next decade, forcing many young drivers off the road completely.

The poll of almost 3,500 drivers suggested that many believe that the cost of motoring could be as much as £4,580 in ten years time, doubling the current cost of motoring - an overall annual cost of £135 billion a year.

As a result 71% of respondents believe that it would be very difficult for young drivers to buy a car in the future. Consequently over 50% of the 17 - 24 year olds questioned believes that there will be a drop in the numbers of people learning to drive.

Research by ITV news backs up this argument with figures that show that the numbers of learner drivers taking lessons have dropped by a fifth in the last five years alone.

ITV news suggests that this is a result of high young driver insurance costs and problems with the UK economy.

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