Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Young Drivers Welcome Changes To The Way They Drive

Amidst growing concerns and alarming figures that suggest young drivers are increasingly at risk on the roads the UK Government are planning to curb the excesses of newly qualified 17 - 25 year old drivers.

Young drivers appear to be welcoming this news, along with many aspects of the Government's "green paper" young driver report. Many are backing the mandatory motorway driving lessons and the introduction of breath-alcohol ignition locks that will not allow the young drivers to take to the road before being breathalysed. The device actually prevents the vehicle's engine from being started if the results are higher than the blood alcohol limit.

However, young motorists are less keen on other elements - such as a year's minimum learning period before being able to go for a driving test and only 10% backed night-time driving curfews.

Following this report, recent figures produced by the Road Safety Analytics company and Michelin Tyres has revealed that young drivers were 44% more likely to be involved in a serious accident on a rural road, when compared to urban areas.

The results suggests that young drivers are 68% more likely be involved in an accident on a 60mph rural road. An alarming figure - especially since 41% of respondents admitted to being more likely to drive faster on rural roads.

As a result of this report the head of government affairs at Michelin - Darren Lindsey has said:
"There is an urgent case for greater education and awareness among young drivers, especially those in rural areas.”

Mr Lindsey added that following the release of the government's recent green paper on young drivers, the report "provides a compelling case for some of the recommendations."

So is this the future for young drivers - more importantly - do you agree with the Government proposals? Let us know what you think by commenting below.