Monday, 10 June 2013

Young Farmers Group Takes Action To Improve Rural Driving

The study carried out by Road Safety Analysis has revealed further information about rural drivers - including the riskiest areas of the England and Wales to drive.

As a result of these findings the National Federation of Young Farmers' Clubs (NFYFC) has called for more support from local communities and the government for young drivers in rural areas.

The NFYFC has joined forces with the National Farmers Union (NFU) and their road safety campaign - Drive It Home.

Drive It Home was originally founded as a result of the disturbing results from a report by the Department for Transport. The report showed that young drivers in rural areas are at far greater risk when on the road. To find out more about these results please read our article: Young Drivers Welcome Changes To The Way They Drive.

The study highlighted a number of areas around the UK - including Surrey, parts of Lincolnshire, South Glamorgan, East Sussex and other areas that were the worst hit.

As a result the NFYFC are putting together a number of recommendations - including the introduction of a compulsory rural road section of the driving test as well as more transport links in rural areas of the UK.

Commenting on behalf of the NFYFC, spokesperson Milly Wastie said:

“This research shows that rural young drivers face distinct challenges on our country roads and a lack of education and support is costing lives.”

She added that the group is working with NFU Mutual to offer practical driver training courses to their 25,000 members who are young drivers.

Tim Price from the NFU Mutual voiced his support for this work by adding:

“Deaths and serious injuries are taking a dreadful toll on the lives of young people and we are working with Young Farmers’ Clubs and other organisations to try and reduce accidents and save lives.”

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